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 To get Matthews

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PostSubject: To get Matthews   To get Matthews Icon_minitimeMon Sep 13, 2010 7:43 am

To get Matthews, paid a lightning round plus a second-round price. All degree attributable to the unexpected early Bill's selected in this year's rookie running back No. Spiller, and need to run front of the optic have to raise their first round pick, chosen on the 2nd of this year's rookie running back has been Ryan Matthews. As Matthews and Spiller also took part in the lightning first three preseason games, he only played each game, only half. Three half-court he did not complete a touchdown, all codes are only only 4.3 yards. Spiller such as eye-catching performance in the current passing attack has now rely on electro-optic-based team, in fact, Matthews should be able to get more room, and electro-optic attacks are stronger than the Bill of multiple attack group This also from Matthews in the NFL Fantasy in the ranking can be reflected, while Matthews has not completed a touchdown like that, lightning does not intend to attack in the red zone too much use of Matthews the one hand, running from front to protect the mentality of the first, on the other hand may also be out of the tree attracts the wind. Lightning red zone last season, running back is not lack of, in addition to Tomlinson, the Sprules is also a good choice. Hockey jerseys
NFL jerseys
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To get Matthews
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