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PostSubject: Lamoriello   Lamoriello Icon_minitimeFri Sep 10, 2010 6:22 am

Lamoriello was asked if he is philosophically against signing a player to a contract 10 years or longer.
I dont think philosophically, he responded, dodging the question.
Regardless of what the Devils might be willing to do, it seems Kovalchuk is trying very hard to sign with the Kings. Lombardi has already turned down two proposals from Grossman.
One of the proposals apparently asked that Kovalchuk be paid a low salary with a high bonus in 2012-13 because that has the potential to be a lost season because of a work stoppage when the current collective-bargaining agreement expires.
Whatever happens with Kovalchuk could have an impact on what the Devils can offer Zach Parise, who enters the final season on his contract.
Lamoriello said there is a chance the team will look to sign Parise to an extension this summer.
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