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PostSubject: NFL   NFL Icon_minitimeThu Aug 26, 2010 10:19 pm

The local time on August 18, Minnesota vikings held a press conference to announce quarterback method, regression, Florida team this season, 2010 last year were almost at the same time, the method in retirement and continue to play a choice between the latter, and the vikings two-year contract signing.

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The last time we saw 40 Florida law from the stadium, in January this year, he led the league final the vikings lost at saints, he hobbled by injury and appear. The game of endless regret leaving Florida law, conventional time last minute he passes by copying, leads to the ball, then use the saints in overtime on attacking chances, scored a free-kick, thus will the vikings out of the game, the Florida law have also, he said at a news conference. "trust me, when I leave New Orleans, I think many of the business, not fact we lost the game, it is very sad." Law in three of the vikings, respectively is playing player Ryan - lang will, all-star protect feng Steve hutchinson and all-star defensive feng jia lader - Alan, three on Monday evening descended, open the method of his house, and then ask: "you hit or not, we need an answer, we can go, or we can play without you."

The friendship, driven him. Finally got on the back of the Minnesota, and attended the training on Wednesday, said: "I have done all that can be done has nothing to prove that I came here to play for fun, help you win, I do like this group, and I believe this team like me too." I (voice-over: green, green more enchanting should see me in ephesus - xin qiji) for several months, the hesitation vikings fluctuation of anxiety, but as to saints with 19 years of his career, he considered. The only whether oneself can benefit for this team, he said: "I still don't play in must choose between, the vikings, has scored great strength of the super bowl, from this perspective, I'm back for granted."

Method on May 21, in the left ankle injury for the surgery, a few weeks ago, he gave team officials and several friends expressed his hair message, the injury is not as expected to heal, so going to retire, but in today's conference, method and said. "the injury is not main factors,
I've played 309 times continuously, I should not have any complaints. "Fear is true. He had failed, the super bowl title and three MVP honors, last season with a career-high, JiLiuYongTui more nostalgic, 41-year-old if he is regardless of injuries this year and could play again rashly for 19 years setbacks, blackened career. Said:" I can only control myself, but I don't want to fail, I am honest. "

In the green bay with the law when they met in Florida's return will process Fletcher played an important role in the offseason, they often exchange opinions, but he also knows that the door to "pull at the rate of" small strong, but he decided to put all your eggs in one basket, RON will say: "he was very quiet, and family sit together, our arrival broke his comfortable life, but in order to let him come back, we must do something." Hutchinson said coach ChaiDe brad directed at 3 people to persuade method, the bottom line is must bring a definite answer, ChaiDe rhys think vikings has scored the strength of the super bowl with maximum appeal French ephesus, he said: "you say we put everything on the table, but we can't begin said 'we must win the super bowl,' NFL jerseys
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