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 the nationís character in football

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PostSubject: the nationís character in football   the nationís character in football Icon_minitimeFri Jul 16, 2010 7:28 am

3-1, with Japan's team with smooth over north Africa, become Denmark giants second World Cup qualifying group of Asian teams. And the Korean people earn the sprint 270 minutes of 4 points, Japan is different with a precision mechanical operation execution, won the heavy six points. This is typical of mechanization of football. Discipline, obey, national spirit, and these japanese-style yibanyiyan characteristics, in Japan, the perfect embodiment.
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Even many German fans will never thought, Argentina 4-0-0 defeat to Germany. A German fans say: "I was worried about the Argentine will win."

Although it is not a big star, with an average age of only 25 years old, facing the young star of Argentina, they will not effect, resolute like iron character of incisively and vividly. Their team has half is different players, but their cooperate perfectly, tight. They played the German football is still show any dared to challenge their authority by remorseless, will blow. With their own actual performance, tell the world: they are not in all.
So, this time was shot in pan scopus eagle chariots. Next, we see the Spanish bullfighter "how" the precision of Germany.
Lost! England lost again! Although their confidence, but before the big 4 against Germany.
This time, the British media are happy. England's qualification, the guardian is worried that: the good news: England's qualification, The bad news: we meet again in Germany. And The Daily Telegraph, criterion more stark that England will be eliminated: first, they may have been lost, but didn't. Second, they always have another chance. Third, think about France. This time, they can for his "vision" cheers, "said they would not win!".
Actually, this kind of "vision" many people would have. Back in England World Cup history, a secondmaster already thorough popular feeling, England - even if they are always lose so good league, there are so many stars, a number of top clubs... But in the World Cup, they always defeat after defeat. This is the history of failure, but a little footnote just...

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the nationís character in football
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