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 octopus paul VS future man

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PostSubject: octopus paul VS future man   octopus paul VS future man Icon_minitimeFri Jul 09, 2010 9:48 pm

German scheme was the octopus aquarium "Paul" make the latest forecasts, its prediction in the World Cup final victory over Spain will champion, Holland, Germany in the third race will beat problems.
And the forecast, on the contrary,air jordan shoes, octopus, another is quickly flied network called "future" mysterious character that will be in the finals, the 2-1 defeat in Spain.
The name "X" from the future, by 2010, Beijing time in June 13 (two days before the opening World Cup final will be posted) boasts of Spain, and the Netherlands is the 2-1 win. This article god in Holland eliminated after Uruguay, click start rapid-heating quantity soaring...
"Octopus" and "future", coach handbags,a foreign sea creatures, a Chinese characters, and finally a mysterious now. What is the octopus, or god rested, might as well let accidentally post by 2010, Beijing time quietly looking at 2:30 a.m. on July 12 come...
Beijing time on July 9 5 p.m., Germany was the octopus aquarium scheme "Paul" made in Germany and up-to-date forecast, Uruguay, Germany's runner-up race will beat problems. Then the final prediction, octopus, Paul chose Spain.
The forecast in Beijing octopus Paul time at 5 p.m. officially began, Ugg Boots, this time in front of the prediction than Paul several times a week, will quickly in Germany and predict when Argentina with more than a hour, this time only 11 minutes Paul. First runner-up, octopus is forecast to transparent aquarium, soon after the German national flag on the plate with the box, then open the lid of the shell will remove eat, this also adumbrative Germany will achieve victory in game 6 times ahead, octopus, Paul prediction are true.
air jordan shoes coach handbagsUgg Boots
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octopus paul VS future man
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