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 Asian/ Vietnamese and Korean markets

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PostSubject: Asian/ Vietnamese and Korean markets   Thu Apr 23, 2009 10:57 am

Dog Food

Dogs can commonly be seen in Asian/ Vietnamese and Korean markets being killed (hopefully) by hammer blows to the head before being skinned. Sometimes the dog is electrified instead, with electrodes fixed to the tongue. Yet another favourite method is slow strangulation by hanging. The flesh is then singed by a blowtorch to improve its appearance. On some occasions, the animal remains alive throughout, eventually dying from shock. This is all performed in full view of other dogs crammed in cages awaiting the same fate

The Koreans actually believe that the adrenaline released into the dogs' bloodstreams by their sheer terror and agony will increase the sexual potency of the consumer

Enjoy your dinner in these countries!


Not surprisingly, photographs of this form of "slaughter" are difficult to obtain. The following is an account from an eye-witness.
"The reason why dogs are beaten for so long is that there is a belief that the slower & more painful the death is, the more potent the dog's meat will be. Killing the dog slowly causes the dog's adrenaline to flow, & this flow of adrenaline throughout the dog is believed to increase the aphrodisiac power of the meat. While the dog is slowly being killed, it is of course screaming in pain, and trying to resist the grip of the man doing the killing. One method is to tie the dog from his hind legs upside down. (All other accounts say that the dog is hung from the neck). The man or men than beat the dog's body all over with clubs or bats. Beating it this way is said to do 2 things. One is to increase the flow of adrenalin and the other is to tenderize the meat. While the dog is being beaten, it gets to the point where it urinates and defecates on itself, and the urine & feces typically flow down the dog's body, getting in it's eyes and causing more pain. Eventually, during this intensive beating, blood flows out of the dog's mouth and nose due to internal bleeding, and it finally dies. This beating process has no set time....It can be a few minutes or it can take an hour, depending on the man doing the killing and how much he is into the belief that beating it slowly is best for a quality aphrodisiac. I hope this clarifies why the dogs are beaten first. In a large facility, the dogs may not be hung by their hind legs. Instead the man enters the large dog cage, selects the dog, grabs it, and while holding it by the neck, begins to beat it in the head in order to crush the skull. Of course, there are so many methods of beating the dogs because there is no regulation on this."


Performed usually with the aid of car batteries, a skillful executioner will use just the right amount of electricity to ensure that death does not occur too quickly. The terminals are clamped to the animals tongue.


This is a favourite method, since it involves virtually no equipment while still producing intense terror in a relatively short time. Strangulation can however, in the hands of an experienced dog-butcher, be made to last longer than might be expected. Sometimes a blow-torch is used to burn off the fur while the dog is still being strangled. A logical action - it can't howl in agony when it can't breathe. It's always good to take pride in your work...........

These poor creatures thought they has no reason to fear and so doesn't struggle as the noose is put around their neck. He is their master, after all.
Perhaps their trust was misplaced. They does live in Korea. Or at least, they did. The rope is pulled tight. They twist and frantically try to bite at the rope that is slowly stealing their life. Ironically, these animals are so trusting that they probably doen't even realise that their "master" is responsible for their suffering.
Inevitably, their struggles are in vain and they slowly choke to death.
After being left covered by burning straw for a while, the hellish barbecue is ready.

They have no idea what is coming, notice the yellow and the brown/tan pups??

The yellow, and the brown/tan pups seen above in the cage, being killed "humanely" with a hammer Sad

Photo's from AAPN

Cats have just as bad a fate as these poor dogs....

Although cats are eaten in South Korea, it is more usual for them to be rendered into a "medicine" to treat rheumatism and arthritis. Unlike dogs, cats are not bred on specialist farms. This would not be cost effective when there are always starving strays. These are collected in sacks and, if lucky, are beaten to death with either a stick or hammer blows to the head. More commonly, they are boiled alive with herbs (sometimes after having their limbs broken to reduce their ability to struggle) until their flesh liquifies. The resulting "liquid cat" (known as "Goyangi soju") is then sold in small sachets. An average size cat, when cooked with dates, herbs and chestnuts, will produce 20-25 of these sachets. The following is an eye-witness account, reported to the Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS) by one of its members, Miss Mun Juyoung.

"While passing by the Kyoung-il Health Food Restaurant, Miss Mun looked in through the window and saw a middle aged women walking slowly among the rows of hissing and boiling cauldrons. In her arms she held a cat, who seemed undisturbed by the water on the floor or the stream so thick in the air. Stopping at one of the hot kettles, the women sniffed once and dropped the cat in to the boiling water. Hideously scalded by the boiling water the cat screamed and clawed its way out but, the blank-faced woman, pushed it back in the water with a stick over and over again until the cat finally lost consciousness. The woman fished it out once more, the cat mewing and whimpering in pain, whereupon the woman pushed it back in for the final time."

These large pressure cookers are used to liquify cats to produce "goyangi soju," a tonic believed to cure rheumatism as well as a variety of other ailments. These same cookers are used to make "gae soju" made from dog and "heuk yomsoh" a tonic made from black goats.

Cats and kittens await the same fate

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PostSubject: Re: Asian/ Vietnamese and Korean markets   Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:08 pm

This is very alarming. Only heartless people can do such cruel things to these dogs. Have you sent these pictures to PETA? They may be able to do something. I think one of the dogs is a charles spaniel and the other is a doberman pinscher.
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PostSubject: Re: Asian/ Vietnamese and Korean markets   Sun Jan 23, 2011 4:14 am

What kind of people are those? They are not human. They make me sick. I wish in the future they get what they deserve. They are a disgrace to the human race and I hope authorities will have them arrested. There should be a world wide movement to stop dog killing for they are not food, they are pets.
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PostSubject: Re: Asian/ Vietnamese and Korean markets   

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Asian/ Vietnamese and Korean markets
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