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PostSubject: Introduction   Introduction Icon_minitimeThu Apr 23, 2009 10:38 am

I cannot imagine any "human" who can do the following things to animals is not some sort of psychotic, callous, unfeeling humanbeing. These people are sick individuals. Yes things have to happen, Slaughterhouses etc to feed humans (so I am told). But that DOESN'T mean the animals have to go through torture or an agonising death! And those that kill their "food" by Senseless cruel, tortureous ways, I could willingly skin & burn them alive too. (I got so very angry about it ggrrrrrr). Everyday I see a dog or a cat outdoors roaming streets, pregnant or in heat. Knowing there will be more puppies/ kittens. Do you KNOW what happens to strays or unwanted dogs/ cats, puppies/ kittens??

I have been so sickened by things I have found out, of which I never knew happened on this "Mother Earth" I just had to do something, I don't have any money, I can't take any more animals in. So I decided to make people aware, hence this website. I don't know about you, but I would never look at the awful leaflets, or programmes showing animalabuse. I knew it would upset me, but omg I wish I had known what I know now years ago, I could have made people aware then Sad I was wrong, what could I do?? I knew it would upset me & make me cry/ depressed. But I cant DO anything can I ?? YES I CAN! I can open peoples eyes to the horror we inflict upon animals, and even if just ONE person reads this & does something to help a defenceless animal, all the pain & hurt I have had building these pages will have been worth it.

The pages on this thread are all connected to the barbarism, cruelty or torture of animals. I know you will say well I'm not looking then, cos I will get upset, just like I did. But I am doing something to make people aware, because I DID look are you ?? For instance, did you know that anything that has "genuine" or "real" fur, is not always a mink, or fox or rabbit, it is most probably a cat or dog. And if you ever read how these animals are killed, (skinned alive) and you still buy fur products, or products with fur on then I hope you can live with yourself. After reading about what happens, I only thought of fur = fur coats, and I have never had a fur coat, or ever would. But did you know......

"Dog and cat fur is used in a variety of products including fur coats and jackets, fur trimmed garments, hats, gloves, decorative accessories, blankets, stuffed animals, pet toys, childrens toys, and many many more."

I didn't!! I have now thrown all my "furry" dogs & cats toys, I also found out that a porcelain doll my sister brought my daughter, had a real fur hat!!! Needless to say they are in the bin. Now I know I will make damn sure I check everything I buy, from dog toys, to fluffy teddies! If enough people refuse to buy real fur then they wont have to kill the animals!!!!

One thing that REALLY bugs me (being good there!!!), is those who try to make money by the abuse of animals, ie "send us money we will help the animals" I am searching online for these nastys, and god help you if you are using this horror to make money & not use it to help this barbarism!! Anyone I believe to be false I WILL contact a lawyer, you forget here in the uk we have many free 'hour consultations', and also some solicitors who actually wanna HELP, even without being paid! Just wanted you to know I'm serious!

I have been researching, watching videos & pics. I gotta know, what kind of person can kill an innocent animal?? I might eat meat, but if I had to kill an animal I sure as hell wouldn't. England I believe is the least cruelist country, every Animal Welfare/ Slaughterman, tries there hardest to find homes for the cats, dogs, puppies, kittens, horses, donkeys, and all the other unwanted animals. Or make animals final moments ready for death as least distressing as possible. Obviously other people don't. But don't worry if I find evidence of UK Welfarers being anything but kind then I will add it here too.
Are you willing to see for yourself by clicking on the links, or are you going to pretend this abuse of animals doesn't happen, and close your eyes & ears to their pain?? At least I can say I have tried in the only way I can to help these animals. Can you?
The following threads are VERY GRAPHIC, I myself felt sick & couldnt stop crying, when I first saw them, and building these pages hurt like hell. But it did open my eyes to the horrific torture we put animals through, we as "human beings" I want people to KNOW what is happening, don't do what I have done for many years "I don't want to know"

On this thread are some Pages showing you facts, figures, the barbarism & cruelty. PLEASE LOOK, yes you will feel upset to the pit of your stomach, but maybe you might just want to help these poor animals!
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction   Introduction Icon_minitimeMon Nov 01, 2010 1:19 pm

Yes, we can do something to stop this abuse. I am never a fan of animal fur jackets. I am not comfortable wearing them thinking a poor animal was abused when the jacket was made. Who would know if the animal used was the king charles spaniel or the doberman dog my sister lost over a year ago.
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction   Introduction Icon_minitimeSun Jan 23, 2011 4:23 am

I agree, Dogs should be taken cared of and not eaten or abuse. These creatures are to be loved and not to be treated like toys. Everyone should respect the dignity of a dog. For one day, they will get what they deserve. Remember, the greatest companion of a man/woman next to his wife/husband is a dog. Smile
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