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 House Cats

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PostSubject: House Cats   House Cats Icon_minitimeMon Jun 23, 2008 4:51 am

Can a cat kept entirely indoors lead a happy and satisfied like? The answer is yes. A recent study showed that a cat kept indoors is likely to live twice as long. Keeping your cat indoors means they can't pickup diseases from other cats, be run over by a car, or taken. Consider this along with if your home is kitty safe, then he can't be locked in the garage, fall off of the roof, be chased by a dog or other cats, or get into confrontations with other animals.

Some owners feel that when their cat(s) no longer want to go outdoors they need to coax the animal into still spending sometime outside. How can the owner persuade their cat into wanting to still go outdoors? The answer is they can't. There are likely good reasons why your cat no longer wants to go outside, it could be another animal, a neighbor, or just the fact that your cat would rather enjoy the luxuries of indoor life.

While some cats change their minds and want to stay indoors, some cats never get the choice. More and more cat owners are opting to keep their cats indoors right from kitten age. We're not just talking about pure breed cats, but non-pedigree animals as well. It's a much safer choice for the cat life, and if the situation is handled properly the cat can lead a happy and content life indoors.

So what does an indoor cat need to keep him contented, fit and healthy? First of all, he needs space. You cannot keep a cat happy in one room. He must have places to play and hide, and halls or rooms large enough for him to run around in. He must also have things he can climb, whether this is a dresser or a cat climber; he must be able to get high off the floor and away from other cats if he feels like some peace and quiet.

An indoor cat should have other feline company to play with, to help exercise him and to keep him alert. In addition, he needs human companionship, which is why the most contented indoor cats have a non-working owner or an owner who works at home. He also needs somewhere to go when he wants to be alone, so a number of rooms which are not out-of-bounds is essential.

Ensuring your cat receives regular exercise is important if they're to stay indoors. The same as us as humans we do not receive the amount of exercise our ancestors once did when we hunted our food, and walked for transportation.

The same holds true for our a regular domestic kitty. They are better fed then if in the wild, and they no longer need to hunt, fend off other cats, and search for a mate. Life is easy breezy, so they receive very little natural exercise. It's ideal to provide your cat with two 10 minute place sessions each day to ensure they keep their fitness level and cardio up.

It's no trouble with a bit of effort to have your cat live a longer and more enjoyable life indoors. How ever we must take care of them since they can't do it for themselves, exercise, space, and attention are things cats need. So just because you have an indoor cat doesn't mean you can neglect their playtime or quality time with you. Following these simple tips will have your cat on the road to wonderful life indoors safe away from potential harm.
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PostSubject: Re: House Cats   House Cats Icon_minitimeSun Jan 23, 2011 5:42 am

The only problem with cat indoors is that they tend to ruin everything they see. They get bored inside the house that's why they want to go out. Now, I wonder if they can also be potty and house trained just like dogs.
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House Cats
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