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 Taking My Heart

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PostSubject: Taking My Heart   Taking My Heart Icon_minitimeSun May 25, 2008 12:26 am

Taking My Heart

Slowly and careful

Your steps find their mark

Over paths well travelled

Through our favourite park.

Eyes that could syp

A ladybug's flight

Now search for the ball

that's plainly in sight

A nose that would search

cool breeze blowing free

Is unstirred by the scents

of a squirrel in the tree

Agile and spry, a marvel to watch

A deer could only compare

Is sadly a memory tucked away

as I watch you tackle a stair

Although your body has grown tired

And Life has taken its toll

I still see only my friend, my companion

through your wonderful loving soul

A soul with a lock

where old age holds no key

Keeping youth perpetual

If only for my eyes to see

We continue our walk as we've done so before

But soon we will reluctantly part

Our paths will divide but you need not fear

For with you, you'll be taking my heart.
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Taking My Heart
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