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PostSubject: ONLY A DOG   Sun May 25, 2008 12:22 am


"It's only a dog" is what everyone said
As sobbing beside him, I stroked his still head.

Only a dog with his own special charm,
the kittens around him had no fear of harm.

He was only a dog that would lie at my feet,
went to bed with the children, guarding their sleep.
{And shook hands with all that he happened to meet.}

He came at a whistle, his tail waving high
No emotion but love ever clouded his eye.

Only a dog, that was easy to see,
He wasn't a purebred, had no pedigree.
{But still, he was special, if only to me.}

I buried him out by a tree near the wood.
Regained my composure, as best that I could.

And without out even thinking, once I reached the gate,
I turned, and I whistled, then caught my mistake.

My whistle unanswered, no welcoming bark.
The silence was roaring, and tore me apart.
{"Only a dog?" He was only my heart.}
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